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代表者:粕谷 淳司/Atsushi KASUYA
関東学院大学 建築・環境学部 

Kasuya lab., College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kanto Gakuin University/

Focusing on the bus routes that have become a vital part of life in Miura, we propose a vegetable sales stand that also is a small shelter, where people can take a break while waiting. The main body is made of tent material, agricultural windbreak nets, and 48.6 mm diameter steel pipes, among other materials. It is a simple and charming "more than furniture, less than architecture" vegetable sales stand. The frame is supposed to be made of steel pipes, but this mock-up is made of wood, with the corners machined in three dimensions by CNC machining centers. The vegetable display is a hand-made, rustic plywood stand.

Customers will be served by a spherical robot with a built-in AI and paid for by touching a traffic IC card to the robot.

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