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koyart とは


What is koyart/
It is a coined word that combines the Japanese words "hut / koya" and "art / art".
Participating organizations mainly specialize in space, art and science.

These participating organizations will work on social issues practically, mainly with the theme of unmanned vegetable huts.We make "small examples". At koyart, we will introduce this work and the activities of participating organizations.We hope that this activity will expand communication in the community. In search of fresh vegetables, leisurely and slowly, with people coming from nearby areas or distant places to look at Future Vision.

 koyart has big goals. It is to gradually expand the circle of collaborators with the participating organizations to express through repeated koyart presentations. And in the near future, we will hold an exhibition "Mirai Miura" in a public place in the city of the peninsula.

 We hope that the messages from small and realistic works will be connected to the thoughts and thoughts of the visitors. koyart wants to carry out such social proposal activities.

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