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代表者:山代 悟 / Satoru Yamashiro
芝浦工業大学プロジェクトデザイン研究室 山代 悟+ビルディングランドスケープ/

Shibaura institute of technology project design lab./Satoru Yamashiro+ buildingLandscape/ 

A joint team of buildingLandscape Co., Ltd., which Satoru Yamashiro presides , and the Project Design Laboratory which he guides, Faculty of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology, proposes an unmanned sales office. As a part of the project on two regional bases, which is one of the laboratory activities, we will target Tomisaki district (Tateyama city, Chiba prefecture). The site is a land that is accessible from the city center and has a beautiful landscape, and has the potential as a base for two regions. However, due to the effects of the aging population and the damage caused by Typhoon No. 15, there is a possibility that the number of shopping refugees will increase and a chronic shortage of labor will occur. Therefore, we plan an unmanned sales office that responds to the two issues of two local residents and population decline. The box-type unmanned store with two L-shaped shelf units can be opened and closed depending on the weather and usage. It also functions as a base for the "Otsukai" system that we propose. The size is designed with the trailer in mind, and by making it scattered around the area, we aim to build a network that covers the entire area, and to create a place that serves as a point of contact between the residents in the two areas and the area.

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