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代表者:高野芳幸 / Yoshiyuki Takano


Yokosuka Municipal Yokosuka Sogo High School/

Yoshiyuki Takano is in charge of Yokosuka Sogo High School Art Department / Art I.
The theme of this curriculum was spatial environment design.Students chose from the following three ideas, designs, and productions.

① Park
② Unmanned sales of agricultural products hut
③ Stage set (Scheduled to be demonstrated at the end of the fiscal year by the brass band club and the art department (department) crossing the "Beauty and the Beast" musical taught in the subject "Japanese expression").Of these, the students who chose ② made a prototype of the sales office model on a 1/10 scale of the actual size.The selected idea is planned to be realized in the field.The students who chose (2) made a model of the sales office on a 1/10 scale of the actual size.The selected idea is planned to be realized in the field.This subject is the learning research subject "improvement of academic ability" of our school.
In addition, it is positioned as a part of class improvement and the realization of the new course of study "Realization of a curriculum open to society".Miura City is adjacent to Yokosuka City.Many of the students are Miura citizens. In addition, population decline is progressing as an issue common to both cities.Students made their works with these things in mind.
The concept of the work included the needs of local residents and the possibility of a station for purchasing souvenirs of tourists = fresh ingredients (mainly vegetables and fruits).

This time, I am very happy for the students to make suggestions on this page.
The student came up with the idea of placing the top half of the tomato on the ground.

The structure is such that the bamboo is stretched with cloth. The structure that blocks direct sunlight and has a certain amount of ventilation is finished in a shape with a strong impact.

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