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代表者: 腰原 幹雄/ Mikio KOSHIHARA


Koshihara lab., Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo/

The Koshihara Laboratory, which conducts research on wood materials, proposes a vegetable stand.

Based on the theme of "Moving radish stand," the retractable boxes let you know from a distance if the vegetables are sold out. If similar boxes are lined up in a row with colorful colors, it may be possible to tell what kind of vegetables are on sale. Once the automated system is in place, the sales area will expand, and if it is sold out, it will return to the field to replenish the stock.

The box is cut out and assembled from a 36mm CLT panel processing ShopBot, CNC router for wood, and EMARF, a service maintained by VUILD, connects the CAD data created by the design team directly to the digital processing machine, allowing the designer to create the box as he envisions it. It may be possible to develop a system in which not only experts but also farmers design and build vegetable stands directly.

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